Doktorské konference FA ČVUT /
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Architecture and Urbanism: Contemporary Research /
7th International Doctoral Conference

Konference byla podpořena v rámci Studentské vědecké konference ČVUT, SVK 3718/F5

7th international conference "Architecture and Urbanism: Contemporary research" took place at the Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University in Prague on December 7th – 8th, 2017. The even.t focused on the doctoral students of architecture, urbanism and related fields from the region of Central Europe. All conference papers have been reviewed.
Chokhachian Ata, M.Sc., Santucci Daniele, Dipl.-Ing. , Vohlidka Philipp, Auer Thomas, Dipl.-Ing., Prof.

Framework for Defining a Transient Outdoor Comfort Model in Dense Urban Spaces, Processes & Findings

téma doktorské práce Urban Performance Modelling
škola Technical University of Munich, Germany

Auer Thomas, Prof.

anotace One of the main consequences of increasing urbanization in dense metropolitan contexts is the issue of microclimate and its relevance for dwellers due to heat and cold stress peak points. Extreme cases occur in tropical climates, where people are constantly exposed to heat stress. This research evaluates – as a case study – heat tolerance of people in extreme outdoor conditions, to propose a transient model for outdoor comfort based on field measurements. Basing on monitoring and measuring environmental factors, this case study evaluates people's velocity depending on microclimatic conditions. The main objective of this study focuses on predicting the period and the environmental conditions that a person needs to compensate heat stress, basing on his/her thermal background and physiological state. The whole process and methodology of this survey will be supported by preliminary findings of the study.