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TÝDEN VĚDY A VÝZKUMU 2018 5-19/10/2018

Týden vědy a výzkumu 2018 byl podpořen v rámci Studentské vědecké konference ČVUT, SVK 3718/F5
Gebrian Markéta Ing. arch.

Designing Architecture for Virtual Reality for Digital Life of Avatars in the Future / Case Study Barcelona

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doc. Ing. arch. Miloš Florián , Ph.D.

anotace Architecture should quickly reflect the change that is happening in our digital era. We cannot imagine living our lives without smartphones, tablets, computers. We are creating our virtual lives on social media like Facebook and Instagram etc. We use internet many times a day for communications with others. We work online with colleagues, we transfer money online, we book our holidays online, we shop online, we navigate with maps online every day. I was designing my case study Architecture for Virtual Reality in Barcelona that would offer a virtual space for actions that are happening online. In the future, we would not need to look at the screen of computer or tablet. We would use virtual reality to communicate, meet, work, shop, visiting banks, offices, etc. In my case study learned from the architecture of Antoni Gaudí, urban projects of Ildefons Cerda of Eixample and tried to inform the future virtual architecture in VR. I was studying the art of Catalan artists Joan Miro, Salvator Dalí. I designed spaces influenced by this architect, planner and artists. My summary of findings: Architecture, urbanism and art of selected locality on Earth are important sources of information and inspirations for creating virtual architecture. Virtual architecture should be derived from existing site, because we can also copy a time, day and night from that site.